3 Stunning Modern Architecture Houses


How do you even define modern architecture? Basically, just let your imagination run wild, use modern material, glass, steel, concrete and, above all, aim for a functional house. In modern architecture, form follows function, A modern house is designed with comfortable living in mind - plenty of air and natural light, flowing spaces and, often enough, minimalist decorations. Oh, and the view, lets not forget about that, as being surrounded by nature or seeing the ocean from your bedroom window gives you a sensation of inner peace and relaxation.

Here are three examples of the most stunning modern houses you can find in the United States.


E Nature View Ct Modern Home

This amazing house is located in Somerset Heights, one of the poshest areas in Boise, Idaho. The first thing youll notice is the view of the mountains and the huge glass walls are designed to let the owners make the most of it.

Practically, the ground floor is bathed in natural light, making the living room and the dining room area seem more spacious than they already are. And it is a really large house, offering 4,913 sq ft floor space on its two levels.

Built in 2018, the E Nature View Ct Modern Home features four bedrooms and four bathrooms. All the furniture is sleek and functional, with everything in a modern style: leather couches assembled around a futuristic glass coffee table, naked wood furniture for the dining area that opens up to the patio, a kitchen featuring granite countertops, plus the 5-star hotel quality bathrooms.

This mansion offers everything you need for relaxation - a splendid lawn and the big pool to splash around on a hot summer day, while in the evening you can host a party on the amazing rooftop deck, just the perfect spot for a bit of star gazing.


Ultramodern Beverly Grove Residence


How does 11,250 sqft floor space sound to you? Incredible, indeed. What is most stunning about this Beverly Grove Residence, locate, where else, in Beverly Hills is the intelligent and completely mechanized floor-to-roof glass dividers that vanish at the touch of a button. Indoor and outdoor spaces melt into each other, and the white walls of the house are matched by equally bright interiors.

Lower the glass wall and you can spend a lovely afternoon lounging on the exquisite couches in the living room. Make the glass wall vanish and, voila, youre sitting on the edge of the most incredible pool, which includes a 12 person spa.


Arc House 

There’s no need for a modern house to be squarish, all in straight walls and right angles. This Arc House in East Hampton, New York amazes with its curved dome that contains the common parts of the house - living room, kitchen and dining area. Notice the extensive use of glass walls, a constant in modern architecture. This 6,400 sqft mansion also offers ample office space, a must these days, as well as a large workout area. Basically, you have everything you need under your own roof. How’s that for comfort?


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